Montessori Token

Advantages of a security token offering for the investor

  • Digitalisation of the offer, opening up of new markets and means of investment
  • Legislation in place to refer to, valid in Europe: ITAS Act, VFA Act under the responsibility of the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), which provides for project validation: financial & technological aspects (Whitepaper)
  • Investors have rights and duties clearly defined by the law
  • Guaranteed returns to token owners
  • Security Tokens can be listed and freely traded on the market

Why a blockchain?




  • Disintermediation and third-party removal
  • Trust between stakeholders who do not know each other well, or at all
  • Contractual obligations are automatically executed and are immutable
  • Interest is automatically paid on the blockchain through the smart-contract
  • Investors truly own their tokens, they can spend them on their own using their private keys
  • Guaranteed returns to token owners

Investment procedure

  • During the STO: Connect to Montessori Invest website and open an account
  • KYC/AML legal checks + provision of an Ethereum address
  • Payment of the selected amount (showed in Euro or token price) by bank transfer or credit card, or in crypto-assets: BTC, ETH sending
  • At the end of the fund raising period:
  • If limit not reached: investors are refunded
  • If limit reached : tokens are sent to the investor Ethereum address
  • Monthly payment of interest for token holders
  • Investors can sell their tokens or redeem them on market

Focus on kyc/aml

The following informations will be requested:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Email
  • An Ethereum address
  • The number of Montessori Tokens (or EURO, BTC, ETH) that you wish to invest in
  • Identity documents (passport or identity card)

Why invest in Montessori Token

  • The private nursery market is safe, profitable and growing
  • The Montessori teaching approach is on the rise all over the world
  • Montessori Worldwide owns Montessori NeoKids nurseries & kindergartens
  • The possession of the Montessori Tokens offers a monthly return guaranteed by the average EBITDA generated by a nursery
  • The issuance of Montessori Tokens is regulated
  • Liquidity is ensured through the free transfer of Montessori Tokens

A sound investment with a guaranteed monthly return


of Montessori tokens finances the creation of a 10-place nursery*


average EBITDA generated per 10-place nursery*

Having a Montessori Token bond offers a fixed rate of return, guaranteed by the blockchain and by the average EBITDA achieved by a nursery

Characteristics of the Montessori Token

  • Security Token under Virtual Financial Asset act
  • Issued on the Ethereum Blockchain - ERC1400 token
  • Token value at launch: 1 MWT = 10 euros
  • Market: freely exchangeable token
  • Supply : 180,000 to 1,050,000 MWT per year
  • Monthly issuance quantity depending on previous months demand
  • Redeemed tokens are burnt thus decreasing the supply
  • Referer bonus : 5% of the affiliate investment
  • Affiliate bonus : Investment yield 5%

Interest payment

  • Investment can be made in Euros, ETH or BTC
  • Interest will be paid in MWT tokens through an autonomous Ethereum smart-contract
  • Montessori Worldwide legally pledge to redeem interest and matured Tokens in Ethereum to any requesting customer

Road map

Quarter 3 of 2019 :

  • Smart contrat development

Quarter 4 2019 :

  • Private sale

2020 :

  • Network development
  • Public sale