Busines Model

The private nursery market in France

The private nursery market is thriving. According to Xerfi (market research company), its size has more than tripled since 2010 and now exceeds one billion euros.

Leading players of the private nursery sector are conquering the international market

  • Along with the expansion of their network of nurseries in France, leading players are starting to move into international markets, with some of them holding more than 25% of their nurseries outside of France.
  • Mainly confined to countries in Western Europe (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland), leading players are gradually starting to operate in the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, etc.) and Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Russia Czech Republic, Ukraine, etc.).
  • American and Asian markets, still highly fragmented, also represent potential destinations for stakeholders in the sector.

The creation of a Montessori NeoKids nursery is easy and fast

Premises are easy to find for a nursery or kindergarten (between 130 and 350 m²)

The conversion of a premises into a nursery is quick (approximately 2 to 3 months)

The investment is moderate, as just €100,000 is sufficient to open a 10-place nursery

Development work is generally financed by the property owner or by the government*

* In France, the government subsidises the development work of a nursery

Сustom layout

The premises are designed by architects specialised in the lay out of nurseries and validated by local authorities

Compliance with environmental standards

Heidom Montessori day nurseries comply with environmental and ecological standards with the use if materials designed to ensure the protection and comfort and children.


To reduce allergens and the spread of viruses and bacteria


Young children have a low heat regulation capacity


It contributes to the comfort of the occupants and the development of young children


It contributes to the psychological and physiological health of children


Young children have a thin cranial box, more receptive to harmful waves


Purified water is used for washing and for hydration

Average turnover of a 10-place nursery

In 2016, the average annual turnover of a 10-place nursery (micro-nursery) was €185,320

* Methodology: to better understand the increase in the turnover and economic and financial performances of private micro-nurseries, Xerfi looked at a representative sample of companies operating micro-nurseries in France. The panel included 33 companies. These companies operate either one single micro-nursery or several micro-nurseries. In total, the 33 companies in the sample were operating 78 micro-nurseries in 2016.

Average EBITDA of a 10-place nursery

In 2016, the average EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) was €18,902 (10.2%)

A huge need for nursery spaces


missing places in nursery in France


additional places will be state-funded between 2018 and 2020


places to be created in Europe (50% in France), this is our 3-year target

A funding requirement of €30 M over 3 years


to create one nursery place*


places to be created in Europe (50% of which in France), this is our 3-year target

€30 M

is our financing requirement over 3 years, which is €10 million per year

* Figures recorded in France which represent an average in Europe

A sound investment with a guaranteed monthly return


of Montessori tokens finances the creation of a 10-place nursery*


average EBITDA generated per 10-place nursery*

Having a Montessori Token bond offers a fixed rate of return, guaranteed by the blockchain and by the average EBITDA achieved by a nursery