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1st network of Montessori nurseries & kindergartens

Having a Montessori Token (share or bond) offers a rate of return from 5,75% to more than 9% per year, guaranteed in € by the blockchain

Invest for a better world for your children


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Why invest in Montessori Token?


Rate of return from 5,75% to 9% per year

Guaranteed by the blockchain


Monthly payment in ETH or Euros

The private nursery market is safe, profitable and growing

The Montessori teaching approach is on the rise all over the world

Montessori Worldwide owns Heididom nurseries & kindergartens

The possession of the Montessori Tokens offers a monthly return guaranteed by the average EBITDA generated by a nursery

The issuance of Montessori Tokens is regulated

Liquidity is ensured through the free transfer of Montessori Tokens


Was launched in 2018 by the founders of Heididom, the 1st network of Montessori nurseries & kindergartens in France.

The objective of MONTESSORI WORLDWIDE is to develop the 1st international network of Montessori nurseries and kindergartens, equipped with a mobile application to follow the activities and development of every child.

MONTESSORI WORLDWIDE has chosen to set up its head office in Malta, the Blockchain Island, in order to finance its international development by means of an STO (Security Token Offering)


Is the 1st network of Montessori nurseries & kindergartens in France.

The benefits of the Montessori teaching method are now unanimously recognised by both childcare professionals and neuroscientific research.

HEIDIDOM aims to create 3,000 Montessori nursery and kindergarten places in 3 years, mainly in France and Europe.


French national television talks about us

The Heididom Montessori nursery

The typical Heididom Montessori nursery has a surface area of approximately 250 m² with an outdoor space and a capacity of up to 20 children

Montessori connect with parents

  • The mobile application used by Heididom Montessori nurseries enables parents to follow their child’s activities in the nursery
  • Photos and videos are shared with parents to show how their child is progressing
  • A private messaging systems enables parents to communicate any concerns they may have with staff
  • And may other additional features that parents love
  • Under development: possibility of seeing their child thanks to facial recognition cameras

Montessori connect
& artificial intelligence

  • Heididom Montessori day nurseries are all fitted with cameras enabling quality control
  • Under development:
  • use of the latest artificial intelligence technologies to help teachers and the education board better follow the progress of every child
  • use of facial recognition cameras based on the latest deep learning and reinforcement learning technologies to monitor and analyse the activities of every child
  • use of an intelligent voice assistant to answer parent's questions on the activities carried out by their child during the day

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